I’m so excited to be doing business with you! Before we begin the process for your Custom Design Project, I want you to know what you can expect of me and what is expected of you. To ensure we're both on the same page, please read the information below before reaching out to me. Thank you!


Following the installation of your design, I do not save designs for future changes unless it has been requested. If you would like me to save your design for future changes, there will be a holding charge. It is important you let me know this up front.

Once installation is complete and a project is wrapped, it is finished. Following the finalizing of a project, any requests or changes you would like made can be done for a $20/hour design charge.

I do not send PSD or AI files of designs.

Payment is always due before the design process begins, no exceptions. There are no refunds for design projects. 

Logo designs sent to you in the design process are not meant for use. They are for review only. Your final designs will be clearly marked "final" in their file name.

All of your assets will be sent via Google Drive folders. Please download the entire folder because once a project is wrapped, I delete these folders from my Google Drive account.

And, last but not least... You asked me to design for you because you like my style and my work. Which I am so thankful for! But please keep in mind I am an artist and you've asked me to interpret what you like into design. Using inspirations images is a vital part to my process but I will not copy another artist's work. Please do not ask me to recreate something you've found online. Thank you!



Following your email inquiry about your design project, I will reply within two to three business days with a design project order form for you to fill out. It is so important that you include as much information as possible in this form. 


Once you have submitted the form, I will contact you within 2 business days with an itemized invoice detailing what you've selected and what you are paying for, along with a link to an Etsy listing to purchase. Once the listing is purchased, I will begin my design process.


Within five business days of payment received, I will send you an initial logo design. Please reply within one to two business days with up to three minor adjustments you would like. I will then make changes as necessary, and send it back to you for review. You may make two more rounds of up to three minor adjustments. Following three rounds of adjustments, further changes can be done for a $20/hour design charge, with a minimum of one hour charged. (Psssst... This is why it is so important for you to be as detailed as possible in filling out your form and with your feedback!)

STEP four

Installation is not included except for in the "Business/Blog Branding Package + Squarespace Set Up" package or as an add-on a la carte item.