what we offer

Need pretty lettering for your next event? Elizabeth Loves Paper has you covered. We offer a wide variety of calligraphy and lettering services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Envelope calligraphy (see below)
  • Place cards
  • Menus
  • Event signage/chalkboards 

how you get it

Your big event is coming up, you have some calligraphy needs, and you'd like to know how much it's going to cost. Go ahead and reach out here and tell us a bit about what services you're needing, what kind of event you're hosting, and when it is. Then, we'll get back to you in a timely fashion with a quote and timeline. If your inquiry is regarding envelope calligraphy, you can get an idea of pricing ahead of time below, where pricing and policies are detailed.





Envelope pricing is for four lines on outer envelopes and one on inner envelopes. Please note a dropped zip code does not count as a line. Additional lines will be billed at $.50 each.

Outer envelope (black ink): $2.75 each

Outer envelope (metallic/custom color): $3.50 each

Inner envelope (black ink): $1.75 each

Inner envelope (metallic/custom color): $2.50 each


Standard turnaround is two to three weeks from when envelopes and final mailing list are received. Please note it is recommended that you book as soon as you know you would like to use Elizabeth Loves Paper, as the calendar does fill up. 

In initial contact, you will be given a rough estimate of the latest date your order would be mailed. Please be aware this is an estimate and return dates are not guaranteed. This date can be pushed back due to delayed receiving of materials and/or final guest list.


After receiving your initial message regarding your order, I will reply with an itemized invoice of the services you’ve selected, information on sending me your envelopes, and ask for your guest list. 

It is most appreciated that guest lists are submitted in a Google Drive Sheet detailing each line of text. A sample one can be provided.

Please double- and triple-check this list. The information you provide is exactly what will be transcribed onto the envelopes. Elizabeth Loves Paper is not responsible for any errors in information provided by the client. 


You will send your envelopes to Elizabeth Loves Paper, and we will send them back to you addressed. Don't have your envelopes yet and aren't sure where to start looking? Let us know and we're more than happy to provide suggestions to our favorite places.

Please check with your printer/supplier before sending your envelopes to be sure they are conducive to calligraphy ink. If your envelopes have a sheen, shimmer, or any kind of coating, they will not work for calligraphy (some brands of metallic envelopes are not compatible with calligraphy ink, please ask before payment if you are concerned).

Additionally, if your envelopes are darker in shade, please select an ink color that will show up on your paper. Elizabeth Loves Paper is not responsible for envelope calligraphy being illegible based on the color ink the client selected. 

Due to the nature of handwritten work — please provide 20% additional envelopes (i.e., 200 to address, 40 extra envelopes) in case of mistakes and errors made. Extra envelopes will be held on to in the case of corrections and can be returned upon client's request.


Please note, calligrapher’s discretion will be used in cases where a line is too wordy. For example, "and" might be replaced with "&" or Northwest might be replaced with "NW". Please contact Elizabeth Loves Paper if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.


Elizabeth Loves Paper will hold on to the extra envelopes provided in the case that there are any errors with your order. Please review your order within the first 48 hours of receiving it and contact Elizabeth Loves Paper, specifying the mistakes made on the account of the calligrapher’s error. Later additions or corrections on account of client error will be billed directly to the client via PayPal. Corrections are typically completed within 3-5 business days and then mailed via USPS. Extra envelopes may be returned upon client’s request. 


Payment is accepted through Paypal and credit cards via direct checkout on Etsy. All payment is due prior to the start of your project due to the handwritten nature of the work. 


Large custom calligraphy orders are sent via UPS, as to have the most up-to-date tracking information. When shipped, you will be provided with the tracking information.