coming soon: elizabeth rolf shop

When are you going to start selling your stuff? I feel like this is a question I've heard over and over for the last several months. I would bashfully shrug off the question, make excuses, laugh nervously. But my real answer? I was scared. Making things for yourself or for your close friends who love and support you is one thing. To make things and then put them on the internet and ask people to pay for them, scary

I've come to realize that being an adult is just one scary leap of faith after the other. I've quit jobs, I've taken jobs, I've gone to school, I haven't gone to school. I'm only in my early twenties, but I feel like I've already had to make so many scary, life-altering decisions and I've been told they only get scarier from here on out.

My next scary leap of faith? Selling things I make. I recently had a conversation with a friend where she essentially told me, just do it. You don't have to have it all figured out, just go for it. So, I've finally decided to get over myself and my fears and to go for it. 

On the first day of Autumn 2014, I will be launching Elizabeth Rolf Shop. A few sweet cards and some prints with my favorite quotes and verses. I'll also have a more formal process of taking on blog design projects, chalk art commissions, and other custom design projects. I'm nervous and excited to share with you the things I've been dreaming up and working on over the last few weeks. I have some fun things up my sleeve for the day of the launch and stay tuned to this page for updates between now and then.

Oh, and a big fat hug and thank you to all of my friends who have encouraged me in this.